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Client Testimonies

Incubateur Crealys (Rhône-Alpes West):

« To improve the quality of new business projects managed by CREALYS, we recruited EVCS Consulting’s Emmanuel Faiche to manage our training in strategic sales and marketing for a two-day session which were held in May of 2010. The workshop focused on strategic marketing, the definition of different sales models and the rollout of this strategy following a specific action plan of sales objectives for both products and services.
Emmanuel provided a really straight-forward and clear approach, providing his unique sales experience and how it could be applied in the field. All of the business trainees aiming to launch new projects were especially satisfied by Emmanuel’s approach, and his expertise in training them both in theory and how to apply this in the field. »

Incubateur Paca-Est :

« EVCS hosted a 4-day training program in 2009. Emmanuel Faiche knew how to provide a real-world aspect to the program, which provided students with a balance of both theory and practice. The quality of his experience showed with methods and examples that could be used by start ups in an international context. »

SecuNeo :

« Ange Ferrari is the founder of SECUNEO, SENTINELIS is an innovation software data protection solution.

"I met EVCS Consulting and Emmanuel Faiche during a training session organized by the French business development training program PACA-EST in Sophia Antipolis in the south of France. During this training, me and all of the other trainees really enjoyed Emmanuel’s training method, the pertinence of his examples, the details of his sales techniques and how he managed to meet our expectations in providing a sales training coursedesigned for young entrepreneurs.

I contacted EVCS shortly afterward to help me develop my own project. We worked out the sales strategy and the corresponding action plans necessary to launch my company. EVCS quickly understood our market and knew how to identify the value-add of our SentinelIS software product. Without the help of EVCS, my company has managed to structure our commercial standpoint, redefine our key selling ponts and focus our financial and HR requirements in relation to our objectives."»

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